99 complete tactic training

Joyce Mukucha and Primrose Nyanzero
At least 99 non-commissioned officers from various army units completed a 20-week training course in Section Commander Tactics at Parachute Regiment in Harare yesterday.

Of the 100 trainee soldiers who started the course, only one failed.

Deputy Commander of Mechanised Brigade, Colonel Charles Shumba said the course started on July 24.

“It was 20 weeks of hard work and perseverance aimed to train junior non-commissioned officers to be able to command, administer and train a section both in the field and in barracks.

“I am pleased to note that of the 100 students who started the course, 99 are graduating today with 14 Zimbabwe Women’s Services (ZWS) students who managed to equal their male counterparts throughout the period of the course,” said Col Shumba.

“One student was removed from the course on grounds of indiscipline. To achieve this, various subjects were taught, which include field craft, weapon training, voice procedure, first aid, map reading, minor tactics, conventional war operations, low intensity operations, civic military relations, stress management and cyber security awareness.

“These subjects were also complemented by exerting a lot of physical and mental pressure to students, which is quite synonymous with live battle encounters.

“The knowledge and skills imparted in you during the course must be put into practice and continue to improve on strength, as well as eliminate known weaknesses and you should be disciplined and exemplary to the subordinates you will lead.”

Col Shumba reminded the graduates to remain vigilant and guard jealously the hard won independence and preserve the legacy which came after a protracted armed struggle as reflected by Operation Restore Legacy.

Article Source: The Herald