Airtime dispute wife killer found hanging


Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Gwanda Correspondent
A MAN from Kezi who was on the run after he allegedly fatally axed his wife, leaving the axe stuck in her head following an argument over $1 airtime, has been found hanging from a tree in a bushy area near his homestead.

Phumani Dumani (30) of Halahala Village, Sun Yet Sen, allegedly struck his wife, Musawenkosi Ncube (25), once on the head with an axe last week on Wednesday after he suspected that she was cheating on him.

Chief Bango said Dumani’s body was found hanging by a rope from a tree on Wednesday, a week after the incident.

He said Dumani is suspected to have committed suicide soon after killing his wife as his body was found in the early stages of decomposition.

“Dumani who is alleged to have killed his wife a week ago and then fled, has been found dead. His body was found by a passerby hanging from a tree in a bushy area near Mbome Primary School which is close to where he stayed.

“The state of his body suggests that he could have committed suicide soon after taking his wife’s life. Dumani was buried yesterday at his homestead,” said Chief Bango.

He said the murder and suicide had left villagers shocked.

Chief Bango appealed to community members to resolve their problems amicably.

“When Dumani killed his wife people were left shocked and now another tragedy has hit the community. We have recorded two tragic deaths in the same homestead within a space of one week which is really a cause for concern.

“This matter could have been resolved amicably. It’s important for community members especially couples to engage mediators such as counsellors or relatives to help resolve disputes instead of resorting to violence. The children of this couple are now orphans but all this could have been avoided,” he said.

Last week, Dumani reportedly discovered that his wife had bought $1 airtime and questioned the source of the money and the person she wanted to call leading to a misunderstanding. He allegedly struck her with an axe in the presence of their 10-year-old child who reported the matter to family members the following morning. Relatives found Ncube already dead with the axe still stuck in her head and her husband was nowhere to be found.—@DubeMatutu

Article Source: The Chronicle