Black Motion keeps revellers moving


Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
IT was a night of enchanting sounds and performances by South African duo Black Motion as they kept the festive revelry spirit alive during their debut show at the new Cosmopolitan Night Club in Bulawayo on Wednesday.

DJ Murder and percussionist Smol had the crowd that packed the nightspot grooving to their house music beats for just over an hour.

From last year’s show at Hartsfield Tshisanyama which was marred by violence, this time around, everything went on smoothly as people came to party and nothing else.

Themed All Black Party, revellers adhered to their best ability and wore all black with most ladies being the centre of attraction in varied attires, while some men also stuck to the dress code.

All in a festive mood, merrymakers packed the club and danced until the wee hours of yesterday morning, regardless of the fact that it was midweek and a normal working day for many.



There was a heavy presence of patrons who had come from the Diaspora especially from South Africa and the United Kingdom who rolled out their wallets to spend on the night. Even the seemingly expensive tickets which were going for $20 ordinary, VIP $30 and VVIP $50 seemed to have been affordable as all sections were full.

Before that auspicious juncture of the night happened, supporting DJs Victor Bravo, Nizhe DebSoul, Liz, Slimza, Staffa, Nospa, Crazy Dee, Ras Obido, Wellyonz, Eugy, Tshutshu and Crazy Black hyped up the crowd which was guzzling litres upon litres of assorted alcoholic liquids that were on sale. As the alcohol levels in people’s systems increased, the more they let loose and the more the party mood was amplified with the dance floor looking like a colony of black ants.

However, the action was by the stage that was set up to accommodate Black Motion’s act that comprises of a drum set and conga drums. At around 1AM, the duo took to the stage with DJ Murder taking over the decks from DJ Nizhe while Smol took his position on the drum set. In no time, the club was vibing and every thump of the drum was received with a rapturous roar from the crowd.

Fans’ eyes were glued to the stage watching DJ Murder and Smol, fascinated with how they synchronised live drumming and DJ mixing while also blending the music so well.

They took revellers down memory lane as they played the Banene Mavoko, a track that got them their break into the music industry from their 2011 debut album Talking to Drums.

And what is a Black Motion show without their signature dance performance that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

After an hour of performing, the duo left the stage and the party continued with DJs Nospa and Kananjo.

Article Source: The Chronicle