BREAKING: Typhoid comes to Matabeleland region

typhoid 1

Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
A CASE of typhoid has been reported in Nkayi District in Matabeleland North with the Ministry of Health and Child Care conducting further tests to prevent the disease from spreading.

Dr Nyasha Masuku, the province’s medical director said a 17 year male from Sesemba area who recently visited relatives in Harare had tested positive for typhoid.

About 200 suspected cases of typhoid have been reported in Harare.

“I can confirm we have recorded a case of typhoid within the province from a young man who had visited Harare. Investigations have proved that his family in Harare once suffered the disease but were treated. In the mean-time we are closely monitoring and have tested the rest of his family members in Nkayi. Stool samples have been taken and we are waiting for results,” he said.

“The patient is being treated in isolation and communities have been sensitized and environmental health technicians and village health workers are on high alert.”

Nkayi District Medical Officer Dr Thabani Moyo said the patient first had symptoms of malaria, but tested negative on December 27.

“A 17 year old male fell sick on December 20 and went to Sesemba Clinic on December 27 with headache, diarrhoea and vomiting. He tested negative for malaria and was treated with antibiotics for diarrhoea. He improved but got very sick on January 5 with the same symptoms.

He went to Mbuma Mission on January 6 where he was diagnosed with perforation of the intestines and typhoid fever. Blood samples were sent to Mpilo Central Hospital and the results were positive,” he said.

“It turned out he had been in Harare for three months living in Mbare suburb where there were no toilets and using the bush. His relatives in Harare had also been diagnosed and treated for typhoid.”

Dr Moyo said the patient is still admitted and is recovering at Mbuma Mission Hospital.

“If typhoid is left untreated it causes perforation of the small intestines. The patient is currently admitted and recovering at Mbuma hospital and investigations done have confirmed the diagnosis of typhoid. We still await results for investigations done on his close contacts, the relatives,” he said.

Article Source: The Chronicle