Byo boy rocks UK entertainment scene

Harold ‘DJ Papa Large’ Nhariwa

Harold ‘DJ Papa Large’ Nhariwa

Allan Foti
FIFTEEN years ago, a boy born and bred in Bulawayo set about establishing a brand to provide entertainment to a variety of clients and party lovers in the United Kingdom.

Established by ex-Christian Brothers College and St. Columbus pupil, Harold ‘DJ Papa Large’ Nhariwa, the Papalarge brand has morphed into an international DJ business catering for exclusive events anywhere in the UK with plans to spread its wings and soon launch across Africa and the rest of the world. Representing a variety of genres and quality music entertainment, the brand seeks to provide quality sound and entertainment.

Papa Large’s early influences are a mixed pot of genres inspired by his upbringing in Bulawayo. Genres such as soul music, R‘n’B, African music, dance music and a dash of Hip Hop sparked DJ Papa Large’s interest in the entertainment business.

“Music is the soundtrack of my life and I go hard! I have a passion for music, taking all sorts of music genres to ‘another level’ by mixing it all up and enhancing music lovers’ listening pleasure,” said DJ Papa Large.

“My interest in music originates from being brought up listening to all these genres of music. I have, through the years, built up a vast collection of music that goes beyond my initial music interests,” the bulky DJ revealed. Growing up in the eastern suburb of Parklands, the DJ said his extended family’s love for entertainment fuelled his desire to grow and become a major player in the sector.

“I was influenced by my family which has been in the entertainment scene for a while now. My brothers started what they called Club Cameo in the late 80s in Bulawayo which was an annual end-of-year event that was legendary at the time. I grew up in a great music environment with a father who loved his Motown and country music,” Nhariwa said.

One of his early promotions was an event in Nottingham in 2003 when he booked the late Dion ‘DJ Smoove’ Fulton whom he went to school with and Lovejones. By then, he had been living in the UK for one year and began to feel homesick after realising that life in the Diaspora was not as rosy as it was cracked out to be.

“I went to school with the late Dion ‘DJ Smoove’ Fulton and having friends like Lovejones, Kimble Rodgers, Otis Fraser, Elias Karanda, Jah Seed from Bongo Muffin and others, how could I not end up being a DJ?”

Papa Large started off promoting Zimbabwe nights in Nottingham and was one of the first Africans to play vinyl records on the entertainment scene in the town. He began promoting Zimbabwean and African music on radio and has worked with B-Kay and Kazz, Jusa Dementor, the late Lucky Dube and Shota, among others.

Until recently, DJ Papa Large was a radio presenter for an online station called Deeplomatikk Radio available via Tune-In for four years and only left to concentrate on his Papalarge Entertainment brand.

“The future looks bright. We have new ventures and new partnerships in the pipeline. I’m very proud of Zimbabweans that have relocated back home to rebuild and make our country great again.

“My return is imminent and I really look forward to it,” revealed the DJ.


Article Source: The Chronicle