EDITORIAL COMMENT: Meeting investor expectations critical for Zim

President Mnangagwa has committed himself to meeting, in their broad totality, investor expectations in order to open floodgates for much-needed investments. It is fact not fiction, that the country is rich in untapped natural resources and, therefore, pregnant with business opportunities. What is needed is a deliberate unlocking of this national treasure and repackaging it for the consumption of international investors. What is important is to package the opportunities and attract Foreign Direct Investment.

After several years of economic hiatus, it is indeed critical for the new dispensation in Zimbabwe to open up new investment opportunities for the success of an inclusive national economic turnaround programme. Suffice to say, no single sector can turnaround the economy.

It is an open secret that for years, our policies and bad international image have been our biggest undoing. But, the President has made it clear that the new Zimbabwe does not wish to seclude itself, and will not ascribe to the notion to secluded existence.

Zimbabwe is part of the global village. Zimbabwe will, therefore, not seek to isolate itself from other countries and will do everything in its powers to create a conducive environment for doing business with the world. Interesting is the thought process involved in unlocking investment opportunities by ensuring that investor expectations are met and investor confidence is restored.

For a country coming out of years of economic pause, it is critical to improve the ease of doing business, do away with policies and regulations that scare investors, deal with issues that stifle investment itself and indeed create the best attractive platform for marketing the country. The President is doing exactly that. In fact, he has done so with amazing speed.

From his regional tours, to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to the African Union in Addis Ababa, President Mnangagwa has shown ideological clarity and pronounced that Zimbabwe will do everything it can to meet investor expectations. There is no doubt that the new Zimbabwean brand, has attracted the interests of many investors and the investors are indeed there for Zimbabwe to lose and lose alone.

The amendment of the indigenisation laws across the spectrum and especially in the mining sector, outside diamond and platinum, has brought renewed interest in the country’s vast untapped natural resources. First and foremost, free and fair elections will be the harbinger of a multifarious array of investment opportunities.

The President has reiterated that Zimbabwe will hold free, fair and credible elections before July and indeed that will open floodgates for investment. No investor would want to put money in a politically unstable country. The anti-corruption drive, which President Mnangagwa has championed through the arrest of many suspects and has coincided with the African Union declaring 2018 as the year of Anti-Corruption.

The fight against corruption will clean our image. Institutionalised corruption has been Zimbabwe’s biggest dilemma and the zero tolerance by the new dispensation has been a critical factor in boosting investor confidence.

Article Source: The Herald

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