EDITORIAL COMMENT: No one wants a return to the old order

Former Zanu-PF Secretary for the Women’s League, Grace Mugabe

Former Zanu-PF Secretary for the Women’s League, Grace Mugabe

After running the country with an iron fist for so long, presiding over an economic collapse unseen outside a war zone and making this country a pariah, the old order that was unseated last November is reportedly plotting a comeback.

The system ran the country as if it was their personal property; it is blamed for looting the country’s wealth, including real estate, and doing nothing to fight corruption. It was an intolerant system that took a political opponent as an enemy to be crushed, rather a snake whose head must be crushed.

Needless to say, it had become very unpopular, which is why the biggest ever demonstration to be staged in our country was at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, Harare, on November 18, 2017, to demand that the old order goes.

Our sister part, The Sunday Mail reported yesterday that former President, Cde Robert Mugabe, could be in a process of facilitating a creation of an opposition political party likely to feature his former deputy Dr Joice Mujuru and his wife, Mrs Grace Mugabe and elements from the G40 cabal. The report came after a meeting that Dr Mujuru held with the former president and his wife in Harare on Tuesday last week.

Dr Joice Mujuru

Dr Joice Mujuru

G40 is circulating a document with “consultation points” meant to rally support for its campaign. It is seeking a postponement of elections due by July this year and a creation of a “transitional authority” to be in charge in the intervening period. It is also attempting to convince Sadc and the African Union not to recognise President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

It was reported that the former president advised Dr Mujuru to work with G40 members including Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao, Edgar Mbwembwe, Paddy Zhanda, Daniel Shumba and Jim Kunaka.

In dismissing the so-called New Patriotic Front, Zanu-PF Politburo member and war veterans’ leader Cde Victor Matemadanda said:

“One thing people like Zhuwao should not forget is that Zimbabwe is in a mess right now because of his uncle (Cde Mugabe) and the cabal that made Zimbabweans suffer because of corruption and neglecting developmental issues. Every Zimbabwean is battling economic hardships. It won’t be easy to forgive G40.”

Political analyst Mr Godwin Mureriwa said:

“Mugabe engaging Mujuru is a sign of desperation. He is trying to seek relevance and also trying to use tribal Zezuru politics but Zimbabweans are not that foolish. What Mugabe must know is that Zimbabweans are tired of him and nobody wants him to be involved in our politics again.

“They know that President Mnangagwa has the support of the majority of the people of Zimbabwe, who are behind him because he is working hard to improve the economy.”

Indeed, Dr Mujuru, Mrs Mugabe and their acolytes have set themselves an immense task by seeking to challenge Zanu-PF in this way. It will not be easy for them.

The economy is on the road to recovery.  Economic support is on its way from international financial institutions. Foreign direct investment is coming too.

The widespread despondency of the past has now been replaced by hope. There is a palpable sense of freedom across the country after years of oppression and fear. Thousands upon thousands who had been alienated by the old Zanu-PF’s policies are returning to the party. The millions, who are highly educated but are unemployed and had no hope for a job during the old administration, can now look ahead with hope. The business community whose companies closed because of the old system’s suicidal economic policies now has hope of re-opening their businesses, thanks to President Mnangagwa’s policies.

In addition to very positive signals at home, Zimbabwe is being embraced by the world. The United Nations, African Union and Sadc have welcomed the change of guard that happened on November 24. Britain, America, Europe, Russia, China, the Vatican, just about everyone who matters has embraced Zimbabwe and its new leadership back to the family of nations. Trade and diplomatic ties are being revived between our country and the international community.

There is a big amount of local and international support and so much hope that our people and the country’s partners abroad clearly do not want to see a return of the old order or its return through a proxy. Having set ourselves as a country on the road to Biblical Canaan, none of us wants to return to Egypt, where poverty, oppression and economic hardship ruled.

We, therefore, argue that rather than being a game-changer as some are saying, the meeting that Dr Mujuru and the Mugabes had last Tuesday is a huge tactical blunder on her part.

The alleged plotting by the old order and Dr Mujuru reminds us of Congress of the People, an opposition party that was formed in October 2008 by former members of South Africa’s African National Congress who were unhappy about the recalling of former President Thabo Mbeki a month earlier. In the 2009 election the party won 7,42 percent of the vote, securing 30 seats in parliament. However, its popularity has waned over the years and in the 2016 election, it won three seats, a distance from Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters which came third with 25 seats.

Having noted the plotting that is going on, we should point out that the time may have come for those who oppressed their people for so long and whom we thought had gone with our respect, those who abused power to the point of attempting to build a dynasty that Zimbabweans were supposed to support unquestioningly to be taken head-on.  It is evident that the respect that President Mnangagwa is according the old order and his hand of reconciliation are being spurned.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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