13 January 2017


. . . as hooker demands money willy-nilly

Photographs being used by Philomina to threaten to Tawanda (1)

A Harare man is regretting having unprotected sex with a self-confessed hooker as she demands money willy-nilly threatening to post the man’s nude photographs on social media.

Tawanda Chinyuku hooked up with a lady of the night only identified as Philomina for a ‘quickie’ and the latter demands money whenever she goes broke.

Chinyuku confirmed being taken nude photographs and losing money to Philomina saying the condom burst when they had sex in the Avenues area.

“You know what happened we had sex and the condom burst. I went back on Tuesday and had sex again then she took the nude pictures,” said Tawanda.

“On the first day I gave her US$40 yekukecha she demanded the US$100 for the burst condom and she took some photographs.

“After a week she then started threatening me demanding US$100 and I gave her, she went on to ask for US$40 and I am failing to get the money since the demand is now daily.

“My worry is that my wife is pregnant and we lost one of her sisters and if this reaches her I do not see it going well.

“We were friends with Philomina for two weeks then she changed demanding money for sex. I know what I did is wrong but ndinzwisisewo usabudisa nyaya iyi please,” said Tawanda.


Philomina told H-Metro that she felt sexually abused that the money she is demanding is less since she does not know his status.

“My life is at risk. I do not know his status handisi mukadzi wake waanorova ny**o after all he works for a company that distributes condoms to make sure people’s lives are saved,” fumed Philomina.

“If he does not pay me what I want I will take legal action. If he was not happy with the condom I gave him to use he was supposed to use macondoms ekubasa kwake.

Photographs being used by Philomina to threaten to Tawanda (2)

“It is true I am prepared to post his nude photograph along with the one I took from his mobile phone akamira nemukadzi wake vakapfeka hembe dze ma condoms iye asingade kuashandisa.

“We are living safely and most men are dumping their small houses for hookers because of using condoms. Tawanda anesmall house here inogara kumaAvenues ngandiitire mushe; this is not rosy I am here for business and I have kids to look after,” said Philomina.