Lumumba finds love

13 January 2017

Lumumba and Lerato
Lumumba and Lerato

CONTROVERSIAL political activist Acie Lumumba, whose sextape leaked sometime last year, yesterday claimed he had found love in the daughter to South African business tycoon, Fana Hlongwane.

Lumumba yesterday exclusively revealed to H-Metro that he was in love with the South African businessman’s daughter, Lerato Hlongwani and was ready to settle.

The controversial activist made the sensational claims moments after a Harare magistrate ruled that he be given back his passport.

Lumumba’s passport was being held at the Harare Magistrates’ Clerk of Court as part of his bail condition in a matter in which he is being charged with undermining the authority of the President.

“I am now free to travel. I have been handed back my passport.

“My lover had been worried on whether I would travel to South Africa to see her.

“I have found love in another beautiful woman, Lerato.

“Yes, Lerato Fana the daughter of South African businessman Fana Hlongwane,” he said.

Quizzed whether he was still in love with Lee Madyara, whom he last year claimed to have stood by him through thick and thin, Lumumba was quick to say:

Lumumba and Lee Madyara
Lumumba and Lee Madyara

“These are women you are asking me about. I have tremendous respect and admiration for both.

“If Lee told you that she is single, then, she is single, respect that. I am not single. I am well spoken for.”