Tryson optimistic of fruitful 2017

Tryson Chimbetu

Tryson Chimbetu

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Dendera musician Tryson Chimbetu’s recent album “Victory” got mixed feelings from listeners who rated it below his previous offering “Compass”.

Music experts said though the album had potential hit songs, the drums killed the melody of the songs.

Songs like “Chihera” and “Isa Moto” were popular at live shows but could not live to their billing after recording.

His live performances have been attracting paltry crowds and at one point he hinted on releasing a new album but he had to hold on to the release due to poor following.

Last Friday, the young Chimbetu performed at Club Veritas at Westlea Shops and the attendance was not bad.

Despite the rains on the night the musician performed at the venue that has brought life to Westlea and surrounding areas.

The musician concede 2016 was tough for him.

“It was not a good year for me maybe because of the economic challenges but we hope 2017 will bring new ideas to us,” he said.

The young musician believes 2017 will be a different year.

He intends to release an album that will revive his waning fortunes.

“A new album is definitely coming this year. As musicians, we work to please our fans,” he said.

His reported hatred with cousin Suluman is now a thing of the past.

The two have clashed on several occasions and have buried the hatchet.

“We are brothers and that does not change. We have to work together to serve the interests of our fathers who started this type of genre. We consult each other on how to move forward for the benefit of dendera fans as well as our families,” he said.

He plans to work on a duet with Sulu that will be on his album to be released in April.

“What makes this year different is we are being united. I believe we can be more than Morgan Heritage family if we unite, not only the studio but for joint shows,” he said.

He has already engaged his brother on the new project.

“Plans are underway to have joint shows. Unity is key to us,” he said.

Article Source: The Herald