Curtain comes down on Arthur Evans show

Arthur Evans

Arthur Evans

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
WHAT started off as a dream two years ago has come to fruition with television personality Arthur C Evans reflecting on his self named show that airs on DStv’s Zambezi Magic as it comes to an end next week.

After returning from SABC’s Top Billing presenter search, Evans had a sit down with renowned television producer Trevor Trey Ncube to come up with the concept of the Arthur C Evans show.

Airing on channel 160 every Saturday at 6.30PM, the show has seen the likes of Oliver Mtukudzi, Sandra Ndebele, Cal_Vin, Maps Maponyane, songstress Ammara Brown, Mbo Mahocs, Morakile and Maru from Greed and Desire and Isidingo’s Sechaba being interviewed by Evans.

As the show ends next week Saturday and looking back to the first episode aired on November 5, Evans said when he watched it he felt a sense of relief mixed with pride.

“When I look back at the show, I remember when I watched it at the Deck in Hillside. When I saw myself on television I felt a sense of relief. I was thinking maybe it was going to rain or maybe something was going to go wrong. But after going on air and people around me applauding, I was so proud of the moment,” said Evans.

Evans, a talented presenter who rose to fame after taking part in SABC’s Top Billing presenter search, said he was not resting on his laurels as he was already working on season two.

“It’s like when you study for a degree everyone applauds you when you’ve passed. But you are concerned about the job you need to find, you’re thinking ahead.

“In as much as the show has gone live, I’m thinking of my next move. Everybody in the production team is excited and we’re already planning and in work mode,” said Evans.

Asked on what viewers should look forward to in the next season, Evans said apart from having a live studio audience, he wants to broaden the interviewees to other African artistes.

“I want to incorporate a live audience during the second season of the show. You may not see them per se, but I want people from Bulawayo to be part of the experience.

“Most importantly the show is a Pan Africa show and Zambezi Magic liked the idea of it being that. We’re definitely taking steps to have guests from a much broader geographical space coming through,” said Evans.

He said if all goes well they will start shooting the second season in April.

“We’re looking at around April to start recording and in May the second season should air then. It’s my birthday month and this will be a special time,” said Evans.


Article Source: The Chronicle