Fake prophet escapes jail

16 January 2017

court-fake prophet-itai mubaiwa handcuffed

A SELF-confessed fake prophet was punished by the court after he admitted to planting man-made goblins under a city woman’s bed to appear as if she was into witchcraft practices.

Itai Mubayiwa, who calls himself Madzibaba Peter, was ordered to perform 210 hours of unpaid work after he admitted to charges of indicating wizards and witchcraft.

Magistrate Gedion Ruvetsa had initially slapped him with a six-month jail term before wholly suspending the sentence on condition that Mubayiwa performs the community service at Hopley Clinic.

Although he could not tell the court why he committed the offence, Mubayiwa begged for leniency from the court saying he was a bread winner.

“I realise about US$3 to US$4 per day. I am the bread winner in our family. I beg that you don’t give me custodial sentence,” he said.

Circumstances leading to his arrest are that on August 31 last year at around mid-morning Stanley Chiweshe, Shelter Kwaramba-Chiweshe and Paul Chiweshe engaged Mubayiwa and his friend Chamunorwa Rusenza, to wrongfully indicate Magnacater Chiweshe a witch.

Rusenza was convicted of the same charges and was ordered to perform 105 hours of community service after admitting to the offence.

On September 1 last year Mubayiwa and Rusenza went to Mupedzanhamo in Mbare where they bought a man-made baboon head object and another item that looked like a horn.

The horn contained some blood.

They planned to buy the baboon head and the horn from Mbare and plant it in Magnacater’s bedroom.

An arrangement was made in which the ‘sangoma’ was to visit the Chiweshe’s house under the pretext of extending condolences to Magnacater’s husband who had lost a relative.

They also arranged that Rusenza and Mubayiwa would introduce themselves as friends to the late relative.

Upon arrival at Chiweshe’s place of residence Rusenza and Mubayiwa extended their condolences and asked to hold a prayer.

After being permitted Rusenza and Mubayiwa told Magnacater’s husband that there was need to cleanse the house since there were some goblins which were in the house.

Rusenza told Magnacater’s husband that the goblins belonged to his wife and they were responsible for the death of his relative.

Magnacater was in Israel by the time Rusenza and his ‘workmate’ visited her place of residence.

The 43-year-old woman was told of what had happened upon her return into the country.

Irked by what she had heard, she then took the matter to the police leading to Rusenza and Mubaiwa’s arrest.