Mau Mau in trouble

16 January 2017

Mau Mau
Mau Mau

VETERAN boxing promoter and businessman, Stalin Mau Mau was on Friday indicted to the High Court for trial.

Mau Mau is accused of duping Viventi Enterprises of Z$42 million in a property deal and is facing fraud charges.

Harare magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa confirmed a January 18 date.

Allegations are that on a date unknown to the prosecutor but during the period extending from January 2003 to December 2005, Mau Mau sold Lot 350 of Greendale to Viventi Enterprises for Z$42 million.

It is being alleged that after the transaction Mau Mau did not surrender the title deeds to Viventi Enterprises Private limited but instead went on to sell the same property to one Caroline and Joseph Shoniwa.

He is said to have made his transactions through Homelink Private Limited’s mortgage bond.

The Z$42 million is said to be equivalent to US$763 081.39 as per current rates.

Mau Mau is alleged to have caused a prejudice 131 000 British pounds while ZIMRA suffered a potential prejudice in capital tax.

Audrey Chogumaira appeared for the State.