Chinese shop owner refuses bond notes

17 January 2017


SHOPPERS Monday clashed with a Chinese shop owner along Leopold Takawira Street in the capital for allegedly refusing to take bond notes.

The irate shoppers teamed up with vendors to confront the unidentified Yupeng Shop owner over his wife’s refusal to accept bond notes, drawing attention of people queuing to withdraw their cash.

One of the shoppers told H-Metro that the shop owner is taking advantage of many customers buying goods for resale.

“The wife of this Chinese man is refusing to accept bond notes and coins claiming that we should mix the two currencies,” said the shopper.

“I am earning a living through buying from Chinese shops and I always buy my goods in bulk for resale but today this Chinese lady refused to accept bond notes.

“They are taking advantage of more customers queuing in the shop for their goods to reduce the number by demanding United States dollars only.

“The shop is always busy and a number of people are coming to buy goods usually for resale but I don’t know why she is doing this to the customers,” said unidentified shopper.

Contacted for comment, the Chinese shop owner denied the allegations saying Zimbabwe has always had good relations with China.

“One of the customers was shouting at my wife on top of his voice but the truth is that we accept all currencies,” he said.

“China and Zimbabwe’s relationship is sound that we cannot violet the rules and regulations governing us.

“As we are not getting the goods here, it is good for us not to keep these bond notes in large amounts so it is better we accept them in small amounts.

“We have since resolved the matter raised by that customer and he has gone,” he added.