Council pay scheme takes shape

17 January 2017

acting Housing Director Rtd Major Marara right and Warren Park Pay Scheme Chairperson Chinyerere centre and an official show some of the construction materials pic by Nyasha Chawatama

ONE of Harare City Council’s pay schemes has taken shape and members expect servicing to be complete by March.

This was revealed during the tour of Warren Park D pay scheme stands.

Chairperson of the pay scheme Joseph Chinyerere said “without challenges of persistent rains our wish is that by March we should be done, proper roads, electricity and all the other requirements.

“Then after we expect each individual to construct his or her own house. “Here we have each stand is averaging 200 square metres and each member is likely contribute US$5 000 in total servicing and intrinsic land value.

“Each member is contributing US$60 monthly, administration (US$10) and servicing (US$50),” said Chinyere.

Speaking during the same tour, acting Director of Housing and Social Development Retired Major Mathew Marara said “here at Warren Park D, this is an example of what we are trying to do as council.

“We want people to have housing in orderly manner.

“We will realise that warren park scheme is a good example of the concept that we have introduced.

“You will realise that they have done their servicing without people on the ground but everything is moving smoothly.

“We allocated the scheme in June 2016 and there has been progress,” said Rtd Major Marara.

He added that at the Warren Park D Phase 1 there are 210 stands but including other phases in Warren Park D, there are about 750 stands.

Progress that is now in Warren Park D include put in water, stand pipes, sewer and opened roads.

The Harare City Council in its housing policy said the “pay schemes will see the mobilisation of “personal savings for servicing of partially serviced and virgin land which council has no immediate resources to develop.

“Council shall administer all Pay schemes.

“Council shall endeavour to provide seed money to kick start development of pay schemes.

“All former members of Housing Cooperatives shall be incorporated in Pay Schemes which are managed by council.

“It shall be council policy that infill areas in high, medium or low density areas be allocated through pay schemes and employer assisted schemes in conformity with local master plans.

“In order to curtail misappropriation of public funds collected from Pay Scheme members, the City shall direct the Pay Schemes or a Consortium of Pay Schemes (where two or more Pay Schemes are allocated land on the same layout plan) to open a bank account in the name of the Pay Scheme.

“Any purchases shall be done after verification by the Director of Works.

“The Finance Director and the Director of Housing shall be signatories to the account and any other two from the respective Pay Schemes.

“The Pay Scheme shall be administered in terms of a constitution prepared by the Director,” reads the housing policy.

It is also added in the document that upon the issuance of the certificate of compliance, the Pay Scheme members shall sign Agreement of Sale with council and start individual development of housing using model housing plans obtainable from council.

“Upon allocation of the piece of land, the intrinsic land value shall be paid as 30 percent within 30 days and 70 percent within three months of initial payment. Failure to pay, the offer shall be withdrawn.

“Council shall repossess a stand that has not been developed in terms of conditions of the Agreement of Sale,” reads the policy.