EcoCash fraudster arrested

17 January 2016

A SUSPECTED fraudster, who was working in cahoots with various EcoCash agents in identifying accounts with large sums of cash and conning their holders, has been arrested.

Raymond John Lunga, of Cold Comfort in Harare, was arrested and taken to court charged after he allegedly duped a Harare’s businessman and another man.

Lunga, who is believed to have a traceable criminal history, appeared at the Harare magistrates’ court facing two separate charges of fraud.

He is standing accused of separately duping businessman Stanley Matika and another man after ‘hacking’ into their EcoCash accounts.

Matika was reportedly duped of nearly US$1 500 whilst the other man was duped of US$106.

The State alleges that Lunga, Edmore Garwe and other EcoCash agents who are yet to be identified, connived to note SIM cards with large amounts of cash.

After identifying the SIM cards, Lunga would then manufacture identity cards of the EcoCash account holders which they would use to acquire another SIM card at Econet.

Lunga would, according to the State, bar the real owner of the SIM card from using it whilst he would then made some transactions.

Reports are that Lunga and Garwe were spotted at various EcoCash agents whilst they were executing their criminal enterprise.

Garwe is still on the run.

Lunga is expected to be back in court today where magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa is expected to make a ruling on his bail application.