Battle of female DJs at Club 263

DJ Liz

DJ Liz

Nhlalwenhle Ngwenya, Showbiz Correspondent
SEVERAL female disc jockeys are set for a showdown at Club 263 in Bulawayo on Saturday, seeking relevance and to prove that they have what it takes to be part of the industry.

DJ Liz, Noma that Girl and Miss Pam are among those battling for the number one spot at the joint.

Noma that Girl said she is already practising hard for the contest and won’t be taking any prisoners.

The battle, dubbed “Road to Fame”, is open to all the female DJs practising and even aspiring ones.

Proprietor of Club 263, Biggie Chinoperekwei, said just like in South Africa where female DJs such as Cyndo and Zinhle give staunch competition to male DJs, the aim of the show was to expose talented ladies.

“We want all the female DJs in the city to come out, they don’t have to be shy, and they have to be confident with their passion. If you look at South Africa female DJs are big and respected. This platform is there to empower and expose talent of all female DJs,” he said.

The initiative was set afoot after Chinoperekwei noticed that most female DJs had talent but did not have a platform to showcase their skills as the industry is dominated by males.

“We  are  offering the opportunity for all the females out there. In as much as males are talented and dominate the industry, we have noted that female DJs, if given the platform, can also rise and prove that they have what it takes,” he said.

Chinoperekwei added that the success of battle of the DJs will determine if the show is held on weekly or monthly basis.

“After the show we will assess and be in a position to know whether we are going to continue with the show or not. The show is not about big names but is focused on exposing new talent,” he said.

The number one will walk away with unspecified prizes and the show will be cover-charged basing on attendance.

Article Source: The Chronicle