‘He threatened to kill me’

18 January 2017

A CITY woman sought to restrain her husband from approaching her house after he allegedly threatened to kill her.

Winnet Kariwo approached the civil court seeking for a protection order against her abusive husband Francis Tambaoga.

Winnet alleged that Francis threatens to kill her and he always beats her up such that she cannot continue to accommodate him.

“Your worship Francis is my husband but he constantly beats me up and threatens me with death.

“I want the court to grant an order that will hinder him from coming to my house at the moment because we are not in good books so I cannot stay with him,” she said.

In response, Francis confirmed he could have assaulted Winnet and he denied the accusations of threatening her with death.

“I have never threatened to kill her but I admit that I assaulted her.

“I have a challenge if the court is to restrain me from approaching the house because I love my wife and my children,” he said.

Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda granted the protection order in Winnet’s favour and Francis was ordered not to abuse her in any way.