‘I need to discipline her’

18 January 2017

A Mbare man has pleaded with the court not to grant his wife’s application for a protection order, fearing that it would bar him from reprimanding her.

Paradzai Mutandwa told civil court magistrate Yeukai Dzuda that if Sindisiwe Muzaedzwa’s plea was granted it would mean trouble for him.

“Your worship the applicant and I fought. I did not attack her. She told this court that I chase her away from home but it is not true.

“Whenever we have a fight I am the one who actually leaves the house. We are always fighting but I will be fighting back because she is the first to provoke me.

“She assaults me and as a man sometimes my ego takes over and I hit her back. I foresee doom if the order is granted because then I would not be able to reprimand her.

“I have realised that she wants to use this order against me so that she has leeway to do as she pleases,” argued Mutandwa.

Muzaedzwa applied for protection against Mutandwa citing that he physically, emotionally and verbally abuses her.

“This man is chasing me away from home and he assaults me. He is also in the habit of insulting me in public. I do not want him to come to my workplace at Joy Centre because he disrupts me whilst at work,” said Muzaedzwa.

Dzuda granted the application in Muzaedzwa’s favour.