Pastor Mapfumo in court again

18 January 2017

Pastor Mapfumo (L)
Pastor Mapfumo (L)

A PASTOR who was arrested after he confessed to bedding his three female congregants on Star FM Tildah Moyo’s show, yesterday appeared in court facing fresh charges of duping another follower of cash in a botched residential stand sale.

Pastor Onbert Mapfumo, who has pending sexual offences, appeared at the Harare magistrates’ court facing two counts of fraud.

Mapfumo denied the charges when he appeared before magistrate Victoria Mashamba who remanded him out of custody to February 15 on US$50 bail.

He is standing accused of duping Happious Mahembe a total of US$1 300 in the deal.

The State had it that sometime in 2012 Mahembe joined pastor Mapfumo’s church.

In February 2014, pastor Mapfumo reported approached Mahembe and told him that the Central Intelligence Organisation was offering stands in South View.

Pastor Mapfumo is said to have told Mahembe that the stand was being sold for US$800 with CBZ mandated to build a three-roomed house for the stand owner.

He also allegedly told Mahembe that US$35 was needed as joining fee.

In March of the same year, Mahembe handed pastor Mapfumo US$95 towards the purchase of the stand.

Reports are that Mahembe continued paying money to pastor Mapfumo towards purchase of the stand until it amounted to US$500.

Pastor Mapfumo is alleged to have demanded cash which he said was wanted by a surveyor.

Further allegations are that pastor Mapfumo went to Mahembe and told him that there was a land dispute in Southview and there was another piece of land where he could get a stand.

Reports are that he started collecting money from Mahembe which he said was for the piece of land.

Pastor Mapfumo is said to have failed to allocate Mahembe the piece of land which forced him to approach the police leading to his arrest.