“Stepson makes me sick”

18 January 2016

A 76-year- old Domboshava woman claims that her step son abuses her to the extent making her sick.
Maria Rakafa says she has been sent to doctors on several occasions because of her stepson, Gibson Rakafa, who always insults her.

She further accused him of stealing her property.

“Gibson is the son to my husband’s second wife and he is so abusive.

“He insults me to the extent of making me sick and I have been sent to doctors on several occasions because of him.

“He steals my property and now he wants to take my residential stand in Domboshava, I do not know what he wants me to do.

“I am old and I do not have power to compete with him so I want him to leave my house because I built that house so he does not have the right to stay there and abuse me,” she said.

Maria opened up when she was seeking for a protection order against Gibson at the civil court.

Magistrate YeukaiDzuda who presided on the matter asked Gibson to respond on the accusations that is when he highlighted that there is bad blood between him and his step mother because she orders him to vacate the house.

“We do not talk to each other because she orders me to leave my parents’ house.

“I cannot take her orders because my father built that house and I have the right to stay there,” he said.

In addition, Gibson denied to could have stolen Maria’s property.

“I did not steal her property but I found a red dish in my house and I enquired about the dish from my sisters that is when I was told that the dish belongs to her (Maria).

“We stay in different households her house is fifty meters (50m) away from my parents’ house and I do not even talk to her so I do not know where that accusations of insults are coming from because I have never insulted her,” he said.

In respect of Maria’s application to evict Gibson from the house magistrate Dzuda advised her to apply for eviction order since the application for protection order that she made cannot be used to evict.

Magistrate Dzuda granted the application for protection order in Maria’s favour and Gibson was ordered not to insult her or abuse her in anyway.