Peter Moyo dodges controversy?

19 January 2017

NOT IN A HURRY . . . Peter Moyo said he is not considering age to get married

SUNGURA musician Peter Moyo says he no longer wants to be associated with the word controversy.

Speaking to H-Metro about his resolutions this year, the Mira Newako singer said he wants to spend most of his time on the strings.

“The word controversial is now a thing of the past. I want to focus more on my music. I want to focus on keeping the Utakataka legacy shining,” said Peter.

However, only time shall tell.

The musician had a good share of controversy since he became the boss at Utakataka Express after the death of his father Tongai.

He grabbed headlines on a number of occasions with love affairs with different women taking centre stage.

Young Igwe, as he is being referred to, was once accused of neglecting the welfare of a child he sired with a Kwekwe woman.

“Those are some of the things you go through in life especially as a musician. I believe somehow such stories had a negative impact on my career.

“I also want to grow as a musician and at the same time being a role model to my fans. I will take responsibility of everything that involves me,” he said.

He said he is now in the studio working on his third album which he said will define the real Peter Moyo.

The outspoken musician was once branded the sungura messiah after bragging that his album Mabasa aMwari will be a cut above the rest.

Though the album failed much impact as he predicted, he believes the response is overwhelming and a testimony to his hard work.

“I am now in studio working a new album, an album that will define the real Peter Moyo.”

Peter has two albums under his belt namely Mushonga Mukuru and Mabasa aMwari.

Meanwhile, Peter will on January 27 host an event meant to celebrate his Mabasa aMwari DVD at Jazz 24/7 in the capital.

The event, according to the musician, is also meant to interact with his fans who have been supportive to help him keep the Utakataka ship afloat.

“On January 27 I have organised an event that I am inviting all my fans and promoters to come in their numbers.

“The event is a celebration party for my DVD which is currently doing well as appreciating the support I have been getting,” he said.

He will be supported by chimurenga singer Jairos Chabvonga at this particular event.