Sir Wicknell displays ‘girlfriend’

19 January 2017

Sir Wicknel cosy pic with woman + pic

CONTROVERSIAL businessman Wicknell Chivayo has, for the first time, showcased a public display of affection (PDA) when he “unveiled” his girlfriend on social media this week.

Sir Wicknell posted a picture in which he was getting cosy with an unidentified woman who was covering her face making her a “mystery”.

He captioned the picture “Relaxing at home with the successful candidate” in reference to the woman.

He has previously castigated Zimbabwean women and it could not be ascertained whether this ‘successful candidate’ is Zimbabwean.

Chivayo has been criticised by his social media users after he publicly told women to send applications for them to be in a relationship with him.

Previously, Chivhayo made similar claims on social media where he claimed to have married a South African woman and later on revealed it was a hoax.

Unlike other socialites who parade their women, Wicknell’s love life has been closely guarded.

Former Big brother Africa contestant Maneta Mazani is on record claiming she dated the youthful businessman.

However, Wicknell dismissed the claims.