Tycoon battle in court

19 January 2016

TYCOON Timothy Waine Trombas has said he started having a relationship with another businessman’s wife during the time he was counselling her on drug and alcohol abuse.

Trombas, who claimed to be a professional rehabilitation counsellor, made the revelation in his defence during a trial in which he is standing accused of stealing 6 000 litres of fuel and other items from mogul George Rudland.

In his defence, Trombas told the court that his relationship with Rudland’s wife, Leigh Anne Rudland, blossomed into a love relationship.

“Accused will State that he is a drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation counsellor by profession and that is how he became acquainted with the complainant’s wife Leigh Anne Rudland.

“When the complainant and his wife separated and at the inception of the divorce proceedings, that is when he began counselling her as she had alcohol abuse issues.

“He rendered his services at the specific request and instance of the complainant’s wife and mother-in-law.

“In the period incidental to these events, a peace order was granted against the complainant to the effect that he (Simon George Rudland) was to desist from visiting 55 Crowhill Borrowdale Harare as well as to stop infringing the peace of Leigh Anne Rudland.

“It so happened that during the time in which the accused was rendering the professional services to Leigh Anne Rudland their relationship developed into a love affair,” he said in his defence prepared by lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa.

Although Trombas acknowledged receiving the fuel in question, he denied taking it unlawfully saying any fuel he used was under the instruction and authority of Leigh Anne Rudland.

He told the court that he had records of all the fuel he received from Leigh Anne Rudland.
Trombas also pointed a finger at Rudland accusing him of causing his arrests.

“Accused will state that the complainant has been in-ordinarily antagonistic of him and has had him arrested on several occasions by high ranking officials of law and department of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

“In addition the accused has been harassed and antagonized by military police and high ranking officials of the Central Intelligence Organisation on the issue of having a relationship with the complainant’s wife, an issue totally divorced from the criminal charges,” he said.

Rudland dismissed claims by Trombas that he was a professional rehabilitation counsellor saying:

“I don’t believe that he is qualified to do that (counselling).

“The issue of alcohol abuse started sometime in 2007 and we have been to rehabilitation centres here and in the UK.

“It has been happening for nearly two and half years and I have been seeing all that has been going on.

“But I didn’t do anything,” he said.

The State alleges that sometime in 2013 Trombas had an extra-marital affair with Rudland’s wife Leigh Ann Rudland.

Trombas and Leigh are said to have started cohabiting in Crowhill, Borrowdale sometime in 2014.

Allegations are that during the time the two were cohabiting in Crowhill, Trombas on several occasions, allegedly stole 6 000 litres of diesel from Rudland’s service station that was in Crowhill.

Further accusations are that Trombas went on to steal a box containing spanners, two submersible pumps, two Samsung Led TVs which were mounted in the bar, four 25-litre jerry cans.
Rudland is said to have discovered that Trombas has stolen his items on sometime in May when he went to inspect his premises.

He then lodged a complaint with the police leading to Trombas’ arrest.

Trombas is expected to be back in court on February 6 for trial continuation.

Magistrate Blessing Murwisi presided over the matter.