Sewage flows into Mufakose houses

20 January 2017

Rebecca showing the flowing sewage in her yard pic by Nyasha Chawatama

THERE is a ticking health time bomb in Mufakose where raw sewage has been flowing into people’s houses for more than one week.

Residents of Musasa Avenue say they have notified council of their predicament but all their calls have been ignored.

“Since last week on Sunday, we have had this situation saka tanzwa izvezvi vana havatombotenderera kusink havatombodii, vakutoshaya pekutsika.

“Kana kudya chaiko haudye nekuti yard yese ingori sewage chete.

“The person you can hear coughing right now is my child who is now sick because of this health hazard.

“We have reported to the city council more than five times now but they have never come to attend to us.

“All houses in our street are affected because of this flowing sewerage but the most affected house is here number 131, 133, 127 and 125.

Rebecca showing the flowing sewage in her yard pic by Nyasha Chawatama

“My neighbours are the worst affected because it’s even getting inside their houses such that they are using buckets to empty the raw sewage from the house, it’s not good I tell you,” said Rebecca Mudzengerere.

Rebecca added that this has always been the case but it has been made worse because of the incessant rains.

“Though we have always had this problem, it has been made worse because of these rains and now we are stuck, we not sure what to do because we don’t even have the equipment to deal with this.

“As residents we are doing what we can, considering what we have, but it’s not enough because the sewage keeps flowing and surely how can we escape this deadly typhoid virus if we are living in such conditions,” she added.

Rebecca’s neighbour who preferred anonymity said she has to endure cleaning up her house where raw sewage has been resident for more than a week.

“They (city council officials) don’t respond to our calls, all we can do is to endure to cleaning up this mess but then what more can we do because it keeps flowing and right now it’s a serious health hazard.

“Imagine I have this raw sewage right into my house, can you even imagine living in such conditions, can you?

“You can’t even start to imagine because that is the most disgusting environment that anyone can live in.

“But it’s sad that whilst we make calls to these guys to come and fix this, they ignore because they don’t care. All we know is the flowing will eventually subside when the rains lessen but for now we are in deep trouble.

“Now we are afraid that our children will end up getting typhoid, even as the adults we are also at great risk of getting this disease because this is too much.

“Takutotyira typhoid mukwasha, tanzwa nemudumbu izvezvi muchitiona takadai tanzwa nemudumbu,” said the resident.

When H-Metro crew went to Msasa Avenue, they had to carefully negotiate the streams of sewage and at one of the houses; one had to have some kind of safety shoes.

Some residents could be seen jumping over the sewage, risking falling into the swampy pools.

Contacted for comment, acting Director of Harare Water Hosea Chisango said “we are aware of those issues and let me say this is being made worse because of the continuous rains.

“We are doing what we can to get that sorted, it’s also to do with the drains and water but we are always monitoring the situation because we have teams,” said Eng Chisango.

However residents of Mufakose believe the city fathers are not doing anything as they have lived with the flowing sewerage for more than a week.