‘Warriors to win AFCON’

20 January 2017

Josiah Martin Van Der Merwe
Josiah Martin Van Der Merwe

A Waterfalls man Josiah Martin Van Der Merwe has predicted that the Warriors will continue with their impressive show and bring home the AFCON trophy.

The elderly Van Der Merwe says the Warriors will lift the trophy come February 5 in Gabon.

He spoke last night as the Warriors prepared for the second group match against fancied Senegal.

Van Der Merwe explained that his predictions are sorely based on strong feelings not prophecy.

“I believe the Warriors will bring back the AFCON,” he said.

The confident Van Der Merwe, who is a Waterfalls landlord, also predicted yesterday’s match between the Warriors and Senegal.

“I believe tonight (Thursday night) they are going to win by one goal,” he said.

However, Zimbabwe lost 2-0 to the Teranga Lions.

He went on to predict how the Warriors will walk through to the final.

“They are going to win by not less than one goal until the final and bring the cup,” he predicted.

According to him this is not the first time he has predicted an event, the other time being non-football related when he says he foretold the coming of a dry spell during the last rainy season, thereby encouraging people to plant dry crops.

“I have also predicted weather patterns before when I said there was going to be a dry spell last rainy season and told people to plant drought resistant crops,” he said.

The nation will hope such predictions come to pass which will be a great achievement in the country’s football history.