White Horse Inn moves to lure tourists in Vumba

Tawanda Marwizi Lifestyle Correspondent
Vumba is one of the resorts in Zimbabwe that have memorable scenic views that attract tourists. Several business owners in the area have upped their games in offering packages that complement the natural beauty of the Eastern border tourist resort. Tourism players in Vumba are upbeat that their innovative strategies they have adopted to stay afloat in the tourism industry would spur them to dizzy heights and counter challenges bedevilling the sector.

Most of the players have embarked on several activities such as holding fun fares, hiking and walking competitions as well as setting up attractive conferencing and accommodation packages. One such place that is sprucing up its image in preparation for the discerning traveller is White Horse Inn.

White Horse Inn co-director, Frank Marembo, said despite low business, they were making serious efforts to make their infrastructure and activities complement the fauna and flora to woo local and foreign tourists.

The hotel, situated 15km from Mutare, has 12 rooms and two mini suites, decorated in supple colours to complement the superb outdoor vegetation. White Horse Inn recently renovated a conference room which accommodates up to 50 delegates.

“We have to be innovative and work harder to stay afloat. We recently converted two rooms and transformed them into a conference room that can accommodate up to 50 guests and it is paying off.

“We have lowered our rates to promote domestic tourism. We now hold outside weddings where rare species of trees and plants that surround the terraced gardens attract a huge variety of bird life. There are magnificent footpaths, natural streams, as well as the Vumba’s rare samango monkeys,” he said.

Marembo said they would use the natural beauty to make the place attractive.

“An expert resident bird guide is available for guided bird walks upon request. Several conferences and weddings are being held here and we will continue to nurture what we have at stake to continue sailing through,” said Marembo.

The players welcomed the move by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development and other stakeholders in Vumba to refurbish an 8km Mutare-Vumba road.

Eastern Highlands chairman, William Chatigu, said fun fares, exhibitions, hiking and walking competition had been some of the activities introduced meant to draw people to the scenic Vumba. “We cannot sit down and relax. We need to be innovative and bring up new ideas, to put the place on the market,” he said.

Article Source: The Herald