Mabla 10 in fight over Jah Prayzah denigration

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Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent —
Jah Prayzah’s road manager and comedian Lloyd Kurima, popularly known as Mabla 10, was on Sunday involved in a fist fight with a music fan after the latter labelled the “Watora Mari” hit-maker a spent force at Extra Mile Leisure Spot, Harare.

The man only identified as Takura approached Mabla 10 and boldly told him that his boss needed to up his game otherwise they will soon wallow in poverty.

“Iwe Mabla uri kuzviona here kuti Jah Prayzah apera. Mukasamutsiura muchafa nenzara because akungotizwa nevanhu. (Mabla do you realise that Jah Prayzan is now a spent force, and you will soon wallow in poverty at the rate band members are deserting him)

“Tell him not to abandon the band and fans like what he is doing,” he said.

The man went on to say he was a neighbour of the musician’s former wife, adding that he knew a lot about the “Tsviriyo” hit-maker’s private life.

That did not go well with Mabla who then called another Third Generation band member and started assaulting the man.

The fracas that lasted for about 30 minutes left the man bleeding. Mabla 10 had no kind words for the man saying he provoked him, when he was enjoying himself.

“I was talking to other people there and he started provoking me. I had no intention to fight him but he went to the extremes,” he said.

He said he just came to witness Peter Moyo and Suluman Chimbetu performing at a family show, but people wanted to disturb him.

“We also have a social life to live and it is important for people to understand that. It is unfair for people to upset you when you are attending a show just like any other music fan,” a visibly angry Mabla said.

Away from the fracas, Moyo and Chimbetu performed well though they started later than the expected time. Moyo said he was looking forward to this year as he will unleash another album.

“We will release a new album this year and we are optimistic and looking forward to it,” he said.

He said they would be sampling some of the new songs at his show at Jazz 24 /7 this Friday.

“We have a show to celebrate our DVD this Friday at Jazz 24 /7 and it another opportunity to sample some of the new songs,” he said.

Article Source: The Herald