24 January 2017

Prophet Brighton Chikomo

One of Zimbabwe’s growing crop of “men of God”, Prophet Brighton Chikomo recently visited Her Worship, the Chairperson of the Norton Town Council, Precious Mufahore, at her “town house” offices.

There was speculation that he went there to ask for a stand for his growing Norton congregation! (people!).

The Norton Theory waylaid him recently, and was shocked by some of Prophet Chikomo’s claims. Read on.

MAYOR (M): You recently posted images on social media. In the images, you were with Norton Town Council (NTC) chairperson Precious Mufahore. What was the meeting about?

PROPHET CHIKOMO (PC): There is always something interesting about being recognised by high offices as a prophet of God………charity begins at home……there is a proverb that says a prophet is without honour in his own home or people …but to me it’s different I am being respected in my home, Norton. I am proud to receive such respect as she visited our ministry as well.

M: Meaning you were actually invited there?

PC: I decided to visit but found they were seeking ways to come to me……so I opened a long waited door …

M: What, primarily, did you talk about? The main item discussed?
PC: It was mainly about hosting a Norton Mass Prayer Day. It is going to be attended by high profile visitors, some from as far as Zambia, Guinea and Malawi…as a ministry we are attracting such foreign visits which shall see Norton become a place where nations shall come for salvation.

M: When is that event?
PC: 11 February 2017

M: Where?
PC: We might use Ngoni Stadium ……because we need a place to accommodate many people.

M: Norton faces many challenges and l am sure the council officials told you about some of them. From a spiritual perspective, what is wrong, or right, with Norton?
PC: So many challenges! Water supply and service delivery mainly. We need outsiders on our local platforms and this ministry will attract good and faithful partners for our council …..what they are facing as a council its temporary …..we are going to celebrate soon!

M: Is Norton a blessed or cursed town?
PC: Norton is a blessed land ……the people in Norton are blessed ….if people are blessed that place is blessed….I see by the way people are receiving the word of God….gospel penetration is very high here.

M: Talking about your ministry, l understand you are new in Norton. How big is BLP in Norton now?
PC: BLP Norton is very big because we are now attracting people from all over the country.

M: At one of your services, you said God had shown you a tall prophet, one of Zimbabwe’s most prominent, and told you to tell people to listen to him as he had a special message for Zimbabwe. I know you are not tall. Meaning its someone else. Can you unpack that prophecy for us?
PC: I am spiritually tall (laughing)…….The man is picked from above …If our nation was able to listen to his prophecies and follow them. This prophet is non-other than Prophet Makandiwa.

M: You previously threatened to expose all local false prophets. Now that you have given us one true one, can you expose one of the false ones?
PC: I will do it in the rightful time, the bible says you shall know them by their fruits. Already you can see in some of our newspapers and social media. God is not associated with evil. Even as I speak they are exposing themselves. Some miracles are dubious, they do not elevate the body of Christ. Miracles that are defiling the body of Christ! Do you remember some stories of sewage anointing, and a meeting and braai with God at Sunningdale house, eish!

M: Have you met Prophet Makandiwa personally before?
PC: This is my great desire, to meet true prophets like him. He is an example to us as upcoming and young prophets. I only met him in the spirit, he visited me several times and imparted to me, even guiding me. The man carries a very strong anointing, thank God I managed to tap into the anointing upon his life.

M: And your relationship with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri?
PC: Major 1 is my mentor, my teacher and my spiritual father. I am a product of him as well as a partner of his Prophetic channel. BLP is a prophetic ministry so it is vital to submit to an anointing that is higher than yours.

Unity of purpose, or, rather, unity in numbers was on display one rainy morning last week, at Katanga omnibus rank. A tag-team of bodybuilders went to the rank to discipline one of the hwindis. While in the midst of meting out their brand of muscular justice on the skinny tout, the other hwindis realized one thing. They could all be muscularly disciplined, one at a time, until the mamonya declared the rank a liberated zone. The hwindis also noticed that the head of a monya remains the same no matter how muscular the body becomes. So they decided to unite and target the heads of the monyas. They did. And man did we see a sight never before seen this side of the Nharira Hills. A tag-team of miniature John Cenas scampering for cover as the hastily assembled Hwindi Norton Army (HNA) gained the upper hand and defended their territory.

Our Makwiro Platinum FC should have been one of the newsmakers in the big papers lat year. They defied a lot of odds stacked against them to clinch the Mashonaland West Division 2A championship with only one, yes, one defeat. They will be campaigning in the tough Northern Region Soccer League (NRSL) this year, rekindling their rivalry with Chegutu Pirates and Golden Valley.
Officially, the club is still to convene the necessary meetings to kickstart preparations, but, as you know, fans never go off-season. The result is a healthy, or unhealthy, dose of speculation in bars and “gure biras”. The most awaited issue among the fans right now is the team’s base for the coming season.
Makwiro Platinum FC was born after Zimplats merged two of their franchises, Makwiro FC, based in Norton, and Platinum Bullets FC, based in Chegutu. It was reportedly agreed that the new club would alternate bases every season, between Chegutu’s Pfupajena Stadium and Norton’s Ngoni Stadium. The issue is now the catalyst of sharp divisions between supporters. The Pfupjena faction says the rotation policy must be adhered to, while the Ngoni faction says that policy is not cast in stone, and needs to be revised so as to keep the club where it gained promotion from. A third group favours a move to Baobab Stadium in Ngezi, reasoning that the club will from this year be a feeder club for Premier League franchise Ngezi Platinum Stars.
Everyone here awaits the parent company’s decision on that. And TNT is thinking of what might have been.

There would be no debate at all if we had one of Zimbabwe’s best stadiums. And we could be having it now, had we gotten our priorities right at first.
Instead of building PaMarhabu, we would have used the CDF funds to rehabilitate the pitch and facilities at Ngoni Stadium. Instead of putting the big screen TV at Eland, we would have installed it at Ngoni Stadium. And hooray, a queue would have formed by now, of clubs begging to use the facility.
Just another reason why telling an MP exactly what we want at any given time is important.
PICTURE: Prophet Brighton Chikomo and Norton Town Council chairwoman Precious Mufahore at her offices.

PICTURE: Kuda “Khali” Khosa was not one of the monyaz who ran.
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