Hubby bashes wife

25 January 2017

A 41-YEAR-OLD man reportedly threatened his wife with death in a bid to force her to withdraw a matter in which he is standing accused of giving her a thrashing.

Justice Gaba, who resides at Madokero Gardens in Harare, is standing accused of battering his wife, Edna Gowers.

Gaba reportedly took matrimonial property and left home without his wife’s consent.

Irked by her husband’s actions, Edna went to lodge a complaint with the police leading to Gaba’s arrest.

He was taken to the Harare magistrates’ court charged with two counts of physical abuse, threats of future violence and unlawful disposal of household property.

Circumstances leading to Gaba’s arrest are that on December 2 last year at around 10pm he started showering his wife with insults.

The court heard that Gaba was accusing his wife of being a prostitute telling her that he was no longer interested in providing for her upkeep.

Reports are that Edna walked out of the bedroom and went into the kitchen where Gaba followed.

Accusations are that Gaba pushed his wife against the stove twice and punched her once in the stomach.

As if that was not enough, on December 13 last year at around 10pm, Edna was bathing when their child started crying.

She reportedly asked her husband to take care of the child whilst she finishes bathing.

He will appear in court on January 26 for trial.

Magistrate Arnold Maburo presided whilst Devoted Nyagano prosecuted.