Man bashes family over sadza

12 January 2017

court-cbz official-norman sambaza

AN official at CBZ Bank appeared in court facing allegations of bashing his wife and two daughters for failing to serve his father warm sadza.
Norman Sambaza, 43, appeared at the Harare magistrates’ court facing three counts of domestic violence.

Sambaza, who was being represented by lawyer Adam Chidenga, denied the charges when he appeared before magistrate Arnold Maburo.

Allegations facing Sambaza are that on January 8 at round 7pm he arrived home and found his 77-year-old father eating sadza.

He reportedly asked his father whether the sadza he was eating was warm or not.

The court heard that his father Ngonidzashe Chidemhe told him that the sadza was not warm.

It appears as if that did not go down well with Sambaza who then quizzed his domestic worker on why she had failed to serve his father warm sadza.

Prosecutor Farirai Nyamutowa-Undenge had it that Sambaza’s wife, Rena, then intervened and told him to refrain from interfering with ‘kitchen affairs’.

Rena is said to have told her husband that he was supposed to talk to her and not their domestic worker since she had been working all day.

Reports are that a domestic dispute ensued that ended up with Sambaza showering his wife with obscene words.

He also allegedly shoved his wife forcing his daughters, Sharon and Ruvimbo, to intervene.

Sharon and Ruvimbo had intentions to restrain their father from pushing their mother, according to the State.

The court heard that Sambaza turned his ‘attack’ from his wife to his daughters and assaulted them.

Rene decided to take the matter to the police leading to Sambaza’s arrest.