Man sues for abuse

25 January 2017

A CITY man sued his former wife for physical and verbal abuse.

Lovemore Wilson dragged Shainai Sunday to the civil court accusing her of biting him and tearing his clothes apart.

Lomemore also claimed that Shainai shouts at him whenever they meet and he begged the court to bar her from visiting his place of residence.

“Your worship this woman is violent, she recent bit me and tore apart my clothes and whenever she sees me she shouts at me.

“I reported her to the police for assault but I reversed my thought and I asked the police not to arrest her because of the child.

“I am kindly asking this honourable court to grant an order that would restrain this woman from coming to my house because we do not stay together,” he said.

In response, Shainai said:

“He is lying I did not beat him up but the problem is he was drunk on the day in question.

“I asked him about the money he obtained from selling my car and that is when he turned against me accusing me of abusing him.

“I asked about my money and the money to buy soap for the child that is when he said I am abusing him and he rushed to the police and lodged a report against me.

“I have no problem if I am to be barred from approaching his place of residence because he is the one who actually visits my lodgings.”

Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda, who presided over the matter, granted Lovemore the application for protection order that he sought.

Shainai was also ordered not to abuse him in any way.