MPOFUS kiss, make up

26 January 2017


…wife hits back at rival

Dereck Mpofu and wife Pretty
Dereck Mpofu and wife Pretty

AFRO-FUSION musician Dereck Mpofu’s wife Pretty said she knew her husband would come back despite their marital woes.

The mother of two, who has been married to Mpofu for nine years, said they have kissed and made up.

“Dereck is mine and despite everything that was going on, I was confident that he was going to come back to me and the kids.

“This was just a phase we were going through as a couple and I am happy because we have passed the stage and the experience also made us stronger,” she said.

She also scoffed at reports made by her former husband’s mistress that she was living in poverty after Dereck abandoned her.

“I have had to painfully watch my husband’s name being dragged in the mud by a very bitter woman making some very serious but false accusations on my husband and on my persona through the press.

“I understand that it’s expected when you are a public figure.

“I have never wanted to be in the spotlight, that’s why I don’t do Facebook and WhatsApp.

“I was also surprised to see chats attributed to me saying I was being starved.

“For your information, even though we may not be the richest couple in the world, I am the one who handles finances for this family whether from myself and Dereck and have never gone hungry or been abandoned,” she added.

Pretty revealed she is currently in the studio along with her husband working on a single that will feature on Dereck’s upcoming album.

“We have put everything behind us now, and I am ready to support my husband that is why I joined him in the studio to narrate what we have been going through.”