Budiriro’s mysterious python

27 January 2017


A DEAD python was on Thursday found tucked in a winnowing basket at the doorstep of a Budiriro house bringing fear to the occupants and neighbours.

The winnowing baskets had beads, some snuff and traditional cloth commonly referred to as retso.

The python was around 1,5 metres long with fresh blood dripping.


The chilling incident occurred at number 7469 Miti Crescent in Budiriro 4 suburb where people jostled to get a glimpse of the reality.

Ladies of the night reside at the place and word was rife that it could be works of juju to try and sway the hookers from dating married men.

“I think one of the ladies is having an affair with a married man since a number of prostitutes stay here and they are accused of targeting married men in the area.

“We haven’t seen this before; this is the first time for a thing like this to happen in our area and we cannot say the snake came from a nearby area and what surprised us are the other things which were in the winnowing basket,” said one man at the scene.

One of the women at the scene said it was something to do with witchcraft because of the snuff and beads or even the winnowing basket raped with a retso cloth.

“My brother it’s nothing else except witchcraft where else have you seen this happening under the sun or in your area.

“These ladies who stay here should do something before something big happens to one of them otherwise they will die,” she said.

Other sources say mysterious things are taking place in the area.

In December last year one family took a coffin with a dead woman and displayed it at Budiriro 4 bus terminus claiming that one of the women who operates at the terminus was responsible for the woman’s death while another python was seen in Budiriro 5A recently in mysterious circumstances.