Zanu-PF heavyweight fined for firearm misconduct

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Tanaka Mrewa, Court Reporter
A SENIOR Zanu-PF official from Bulawayo Nacisio Elijah Makhulumo has been fined $100 for not reporting to the police that his firearm was missing.

Makhulumo pleaded guilty to failure to report a missing firearm when he appeared before Bulawayo Provincial Magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya on Thursday.

“I’m sure you are aware of the dangers that may come with not securing a firearm. You are lucky that no one killed someone with it. You need to take more caution in securing it. Let this be the only time that you face such an offence,” said Mr Tashaya.

“You are sentenced to pay a $100 fine or face 90 days imprisonment. The money has to be paid to the Clerk of Court on                                          or before January 31.”

Makhulumo said he was not aware that his gun had gone missing.

Prosecuting, Miss Sithembiso Sweswe said the firearm went missing on December 3 last year until it was picked up by someone in Hillside suburb last Wednesday.

“Accused person lost an FN pistol serial number 95974, black in colour at a place unknown to him. No report was made until Wednesday,” said Miss Sweswe.

“The pistol was recovered by one Farai Paradza hidden under a heap of thorn branches opposite Christian Brothers College in Hillside suburb where he was slashing some grass. Paradza surrendered the pistol to the police at Hillside police station.”

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Article Source: The Chronicle