Music promoter neglects

30 January 2017

A music promoter has been dragged to the civil court on allegations of child neglect.

Wonder Kawondera was sued by former wife Ruramayi Murimirwa, who accused him of neglecting the welfare of their four minor children.

Kawondera, who offered US$50 for the four children, said he is no longer a music promoter and was surviving on part time jobs.

“I used to promote music a long time ago. My license has since expired and I cannot operate without one.

“These days I am surviving on part time jobs and vending. I get US$150 per month. I am married but I have no other children,” said Kawondera.

Murimirwa argued that Kawondera was lying as he is still a music promoter.

“He is not being truthful as he is still a promoter. The money he offered is not sufficient for four children.

“I assume that he gets US$600 per month. This is because I have never seen his pay slip. I know he makes money but he is just trying to evade maintaining his children,” she said.

Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa ordered Kawondera to pay US$200 for the four children.