Son haunts tenants

30 January 2017

A CITY woman approached the court seeking to protect her tenants against his abusive son.

Naume Kamukondiwa dragged Douglas Kamukondiwa to the civil court for allegedly abusing her tenants by switching off electricity and disconnecting water for them.

Naume alleged that Douglas abuses her tenants and his conduct was a potential prejudice to her as the tenants might vacate her house if he continues to act in that manner.

“Douglas is my biological son but the way he treats my tenants is not good I stay in Mutare and he is the one who lives in Budiriro with the tenants, he switches off electricity and sometimes he disconnects water.

“I am afraid that if he continues behaving that way my tenants will move out of the house and that will be prejudice to me because I am benefiting from the rentals they pay.

“Even if I try to talk to him about it he shouts at me and he does not respect me as his mother.

“I only want him to live in peace with the tenants because her knows that those tenants are important to us they should not be abused,” she said.

In response to the accusations, Douglas argued that:

“I have never abused the tenants but there is a reason why I switched off electricity.

“I am an electrician and my mother is aware of that so I fixed one of the tenants’ stove and he refused to pay my money for the services I rendered to him so I switched off the electric wire which is connected to his room I did not switch off electricity for the entire house.

“In Budiriro sometimes we encounter water problems so I usually disconnect water after everyone is done using water so that the tenants would not waste it unnecessarily.”

Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda dismissed Naume’s application for protection order arguing that if Douglas was abusing the tenants they should approach the court on their own and seek for protection.