Chitembwe confident!

1 February 2017

Lloyd Chitembwe

CAPS UNITED head Coach Lloyd Chitembwe Tuesday said they have a strong squad to compete in the CAF Champions League after pre-season tour in Zambia over the weekend.

Makepekepe, the 2016 Champions visited Zambia where they played Red Arrows and Zanaco and they lost 2-0 and won 2-1 respectively.

Chitembwe told H-Metro that he is happy with the preparations they made so far and they have all the players they want to take part in the Champions League and in the premiership.

“We have a strong squad to take part in the Champions league and in the premiership, in fact we have all the players we want to do the job for this season and I am happy with the preparations we made so far.

“I am sure all of the players we sign can add a value to the team and take it from where we left last season.

When also asked of how he is going to select his team considering that some of the players used to play same roles in different clubs like Chitiyo and Josta, he said he is the one who knows how to use them as he is the one who signed them knowing their type of play,

“Look supporters can say what they want and let them talk because they don’t know why we have these two guys in the same squad this season or other players who can play the same role.

“It is because we want to do what we feel is best for us as coaches that we know results will come at the end of the day, it is good for them (supporters) to give their views and that makes the game its beauty and we cannot stop them from saying that.

“This season we cannot say we will be in the premiership to defend the championship but we are there to compete because the purpose of this challenge is to compete and results will do justice at the end of the season,” he added

Meanwhile, Makepekepe are left with only two weeks for them to visit Lesotho champions Lioli in the first stages of CAF championship.