1 February 2017


UNHERALDED Robyn Ketahle Anesu Dawani –also known as Tahle -is the only female member of the Military Touch Movement to be officially launched next month by internationally acclaimed musician, Jah Prayzah.

Other members of MTM are Andy Muridzo, Nutty O and ExQ while DJ Tamuka and Daniel Chiweda are the producers.

While the other four musicians under MTM have known albums and singles on the market, Tahle is yet to hit the market and things are being put together for her to have something out this year.
H-Metro engaged Tahle to get some insight into her music life:

QUESTION: A brief profile of yourself

ANSWER: My name is Tahle we Dzinza. I started pursuing a music career when I was 15 years old. I’ve always loved music since I was a kid and my mother has been my coach to nurture the gift that God has given me. I have benefitted tremendously from the eisteddfods, because they provided many technical voice and instrument experts their input has been invaluable in my life. Having attended school with a very a strong music curriculum kept my interest in music alive. All of these experiences and Gods favour make me who I am today.

Q: What music are you into?
A: My genre is a fusion of jazz, classical, contemporary and afro house. I believe that a genre is a tool to effectively communicate with your audience. .For me music is a vehicle not only to entertain but to touch and to transform the lives of people. And the genre is just the packaging of the story you want to tell in song. But I listen to all sorts of music across the spectrum because in every genre there is something beautiful that I always learn from.

Q: When did you get into music?
A: I actually didn’t get into music, my mother discovered that I could sing at the age of four and she just let me sing. And I’ve been singing ever since. There was never really any new eureka moment, I just sang and sang and God opened doors and here we are.

Q: How supportive is your family?
A: My family is intensively supportive. My motivation is my little brother Daniel. I recall my first performance with Tembelami , I could literally see him jump up and down. Since we were children we would sing together and he is truly amazing and the best photographer in town. My mother, is the backbone of my musical journey, from funding my career to spending many hours helping me polish and evolve my musical techniques. But most of all praying with and for me and believing for me even when I wanted to quit. Its not easy to pursue a music career because most people have a very low opinion of this profession. I really thank God for my families support.
Q: How did Jah Prayzah spot your talent?
A: We were looking for a studio and we were referred by a very good friend of ours to JP studios , where we cut a couple of songs . He heard me sing and that’s how he spotted me. It was purely divine connection. And when he shook my hand musi wavho ndakati ,”nhasi handigeze maoko!”.

Q: Who is your idol?
A: I don’t have an idol but I have a role model who is my mother. But on the music side I am inspired by Mokoomba , Salif Keita , Jessie j and Oliver Mtukudzi. And more recently just working with Jah Prayzah I am learning a lot.

Q: Do you take music as a career or past time?
A: For me music is a career. I am strong believer that the talent that God gives any person is actually their pin code to financial responsibility. I’m very aware that making money through music is probably tougher than farming, so I know that I always have to have other sources of income to insure that the money equation works out.


Q: What is your dream?
A: My dream is to contribute towards making music a recognised profession. I’ve noticed that if a young person chooses to be an accountant or a doctor there is very little controversy that surrounds those decisions. But if a young person wants to be a visual artist an actor or a musician they are seen as lacking focus (lol), lazy and without spiritual direction , unless of course its gospel. In my lifetime I would love to change that perception by , Gods help writing music that is clean , has depth , has meaning and is also entertaining . If I can do that in my lifetime I would have really lived a full life.

Q: Do you think you can attain that dream at Military Touch Movement?
A: Yes, definitely. MTM, has a very enabling culture the management team is very open and gives us space to maintain our own identity within the team. What I love most about MTM, is that the music we are cutting brings us together as one and yet does not compromise our individual styles. You can clearly hear Nutty O, Jah Prayzah, ex-q, Andy Muridzo and myself. To achieve that with quite a diverse selection of musicians is actually a very difficult task and MTM so far I pulling it off quite nicely. Above all, the MTM management team is very supportive, vana mukoma simbilimbi, Nigel and Keen. They are just great people and I think that’s what makes MTM work. I’ve been truly inspired by the unity in the management team. That also helps us to follow their leadership with confidence.