‘Bring back Peter Dube’

 Peter Dube

Peter Dube

Ricky Zililo, Senior Sports Reporter
OUTSPOKEN former Highlanders’ committee member Liqhwa Gama is backing calls for lifting of the suspension of club chairman Peter Dube, saying Zifa erred in banishing him all football-related matters.

Following the emergence of video footage of the suspended Highlanders and Premier Soccer League chairman Dube addressing the Zifa assembly, which led to his suspension, there is now a growing chorus for his return, as allegations of disrupting the congress are not evident in the video.

Gama said he is disturbed that there are people within the Highlanders’ family, who are celebrating Dube’s suspension and challenged the club’s members, including its leadership, to unite and fight for the chairman’s return.

“It has always been clear that suspending Dube was wrong; it is wrong and will always be wrong. Sadly, these people (Zifa) get support to suspend from our chairman from us Highlanders members. In fact, those at the top (both Zifa and Highlanders) don’t want the truth because in as far as I’m concerned, Dube only told the Zifa assembly the truth. In that video he brought about a factual argument and now I’m wondering if suspending Dube was directed at him or it’s a fight against the institution called Highlanders,” said Gama.

Muscular during his days as part of the Highlanders’ executive, which won the league titles back-to-back at the beginning of the millennium, Gama found it odd that Dube’s suspension divided Bosso members at their annual general meeting.

There were some who wanted Dube immediately reinstated as Highlanders’ chairman, as they felt he was suspended doing PSL business.

“The problem that I’ve noted is that there is factionalism at our institution. Anybody who is sober can see that Dube’s constitutional right, which is freedom of association, and in this case with Highlanders, is being infringed. Two, justice delayed is justice denied. I find it odd that the board, which is meant to show support for its executive chairman (Dube) easily buys into the story of letting due process take its course. That’s utter rubbish,” Gama said.

He believes that Dube’s suspension is crippling the club.

“Actually I’m surprised that some people are not seeing that Highlanders’ survival is under threat. During our days, we wouldn’t allow to be bossed around and have our members canned for no apparent reasons. Look, the stage that we’re in is crucial because there are contracts to be signed and how do you go forward when you leader is not there? That board, which is also usurping executive roles, is not being fair because when results don’t come, the members who voted for the executive will demand answers from the executive not the board. Surely, after this video circulating on all social media platforms is out, Highlanders must do something and make Zifa lift Dube’s suspension because we want him like yesterday,” said Gama.

Another Bosso member, Faith Silandulo Dube said: “All along we had been sold a dummy and made to believe that our chairman committed an offence during the Zifa assembly meeting. The ‘high sounding nothing’ charge can’t square off with the video evidence, which is now a public secret. May the Zifa assembly led by their executive committee free our chairman. What is clear now and beyond doubt is that there are other agendas which are being smuggled through nothingness to destabilise Highlanders FC.

“We demand the return of normalcy and a leadership that respects the ethical cornerstones of governance at Zifa. May the new SRC board and other progressives who want to take our football forward assist the nation in this moment of football madness and bring back our Highlanders chairman.

Football should unite and not cause fissures. The continued illegal suspension of our chairman will feed and nourish many suspicions which will not develop our society at large and football in particular. Please, bring back Peter Dube.”

Nodumo Nyathi said: “This trend of destroying Bosso started long back when we had (James) Mangwana, Gama et al who didn’t accept nonsense from Zifa. Peter Dube was standing for PSL in the said meeting that culminated in him being suspended. He raised football facts that Fifa has stated that relegating 25 percent of league members is not good for football.

“He stated the PSL resolution that they are not against play-offs and that they are not sponsors of play-offs, but will assist in having them. Based on these facts it’s clear Dube didn’t do anything against football that warrants him being suspended. This is just a plot against Highlanders FC.

“Babethi kayibulawe lamanje bafuna ibulawe kodwa ngeke ife. Simple, Chiyangwa et al must lift Dube’s suspension.”

Tagara Wekumanyika added his views: “(Zifa president Philip) Chiyangwa suspended Dube and then suspended Lewis Uriri of Caps United. Then he appointed Mubaiwa of Dynamos. It so happened that Dynamos is the biggest rival of both Highlanders and Caps. Remember last year when Chiyangwa ordered Mubaiwa to fire that Portuguese coach. So Chiyangwa is aiding Dynamos. Don’t be surprised if referees, who will officiate matches involving Dynamos this season, are suspended for not aiding DeMbare. Mark my words.”

— @ZililoR

Article Source: The Chronicle