When Solidarity Matters

2 February 2017

. . . arts industry grows
. . . myths are broken

sulu speaks on jah prayzah rift

IT’S a warm October night at Time & Jazz Cafe when the ever bubbly Gonyeti has just begun her midweek set.

An irresistible aroma of mixed relish known in street lingo as gango, greets us as we make our way into the venue.

Three ladies in tiny dresses and long heels in the company of a known balding ‘blesser’, occupy a table placed a spitting distance from the stage.

A handful of male imbibers are glued on television screens watching an EPL soccer match as she goes through her paces.

Clad in ripped white jeans, matching top and sneakers bobbing her tinted dreadlocks, Gonyeti takes fans down memory lane playing Tuku, Ilanga and Mafikizolo’s cover versions before churning out her own compositions.

Around 11pm, former workmates at 3rd Generation enter the venue to support their own.

Among the popular faces is Mabla 10, two dreadlocked dancers who abandoned Gift Amuli’s ship for Jah Prayzah’s ‘battalion’ and a sound engineer.

It’s evident they still have a bond with Gonyeti despite the backing vocalist leaving Jah Prayzah’s camp to start her own band.

In the midst of the act, Suluman joins Gonyeti on stage when she plays their duet Bande off her debut album, One Day.

Not to be outdone is Baba Harare, who joins her on the lead guitar, as they rekindle the old memories at 3rd Generation.

Prolific guitarist Progress Chipfumo also follows proceedings in the house and later joins her on stage.

“This is the solidarity we always expect,” says joint proprietor Josh Hozheri.

“I have helped these guys and I won’t stop offering them my advice whenever they approach me.

“I played my part in Jah Prayzah’s career and now he can fill HIIC, which needed a lot of sacrifice.

“I also transformed the life of Suluman and even helped him when all was not well with him.

“I wish this kind of solidarity could be extended further.”


Well, the mini conversation I had with Big Josh instantly comes into mind each time this subject of solidarity among celebs comes under discussion.

In the past, this would never happen especially with celebrities from old school.

For instance, raunchy dancers Beverly Sibanda and Zoey hardly miss Alick Macheso, Suluman or Jah Prayzah family shows whenever they are free.

The same goes for Peter Moyo who says his Christian beliefs have taught him to embrace others.

In Zim dancehall and hip hop, that has been the norm.

Even those in performing arts like comedy, storytelling and literature have shown that solidarity is key as they support each other’s events.

However, this was not the trend in the past when celebrities appeared self-centred and superstitious a lot.

Last week, yours truly came across an online publication which reported that the late Leonard Dembo would not share the stage with John Chibadura.

Such was their rift that Dembo would not perform at a venue where Chibadura would have played a week or so before him.

All this was due to superstitious beliefs but the current crop of celebs have defied odds.


In fact, this kind of solidarity has been applauded since it has led to a number of ground-breaking projects among artists.

The solidarity has also demystified perceptions among celebrities.

It’s a change many never anticipated as our celebrities are now enjoying fruits of networking.


Like I always say, professionalism is key for the growth of the industry.

And this can be easily enhanced when there is solidarity among celebrities.
It has always been my prayer to see local celebs exchanging notes for the good of the industry.

Of course they might have ‘beef’ where they trade lyrical shots on stage but we don’t expect it to be taken far.

In fact, fans should know that celebs are also human with a life to live.

• Mampara Of The Week


Once again, my task was made difficult in coming up with the overall winner for this crown of shame.

So hard was to come up with the deserving candidate as they main actors both deserved the title as they are still trending on social media after we broke the story.

And It now appears the more we give these ‘hotheads’ the stick, the more they go astray and even go to the extremes.

Like I indicated earlier in this piece, Zim celebs continue to outdo each other with each passing week, albeit for the wrong reasons.

This week it has to be a toss between raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda and Andy Muridzo whose sexapades leaked to the media as was exclusively revealed by H-Metro.

So shocking were Bev’s claims that she was made pregnant by Muridzo who is denying responsibility.

The Sexy Angels boss even threatened to pull an ‘Olinda Chapel’ should the pint-sized love rat crooner continue to deny her claims.

This was after Muridzo had gone live on Facebook to give his side of the story where he never denied that they had dated.

Andy Muridzo
Andy Muridzo

While Bev is obviously bitter, she erred by dating someone whose marital status she knew.

As for Andy, it was obviously wrong for him to cheat on his wife who has since forgiven him for his shenanigans with someone like Bev who has been linked with several musicians and footballers over the years.

With the 23-year-old Jeetaz boss now being ridiculed the same way with Beverly for her conduct, we have decided to settle for a tie for the crown of shame – mampara of the week.

With Bev claiming she is pregnant, we are praying that we welcome the ‘unborn’ child to mother earth while Muridzo needs to zip up and save his career.

We don’t want a recurrence of the same mistakes from either Bev or Muridzo.

Happy reading…Till we meet again next week!!!

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