Harare trees dangerous

. . . man hit by falling tree

3 February 2017


Walking and driving in Harare is now dangerous as some trees are falling and city fathers have been asked to act fast.

The City of Harare however says they are cutting down all old trees but this problem has been made worse by the heavy rains which have left the ground loosened.

“We are cutting down all old trees and for those which need pruning, we are doing that.

“The only difference now is because of the heavy rains as the ground is now loose and the trees are falling.

“So we are carrying out our tree cutting exercise and we are also planting new trees where we are removing illegal dump sites,” said city’s spokesperson Chideme.

This comes in the wake of numerous incidents of trees falling in the city, with the recent case being that of a Harare man, Enerst Mhundwa currently nursing a broken left leg and injured arm after he was hit by a falling tree while walking in the Avenues area.

“I was walking when I just heard some sound.

“At first I didn’t understand what the sound was all about then I saw that it was a falling tree.

“I ran for dear life but it seems my speed was not enough because the tree branches hit me.

“I suffered a broken left leg, while my hand was also injured.

“I think council should give attention to all the trees because they are really a danger,” said Mhundwa on his hospital bed at Avenues Clinic.

During a recent council meeting, members of the Environmental Management Committee raised the concern of the old trees falling and they called on the acting Director of Housing and Social Development Retired Major Mathew Marara to act.

It had been revealed in the committee that there some “old gum trees in Kambuzuma which were falling over buildings as well as trees in Cranborne where thieves were hiding and mugging people.

“It expressed the need for the acting Director of Housing and Social Development to come up with a programme to cut all old trees in Greater Harare before onset of the rainy season,” read the minutes.