Macheso rules out collabo

. . . 11th album expected March

3 February 2017



ALICK Macheso has ruled out any collaboration on his forthcoming album expected to be ready by end of March.

In fact, the sungura kingpin said he will never do collaborations on his own project, something he maintained on his previous 10 albums.

This comes after media reports that Macheso has done a song with chanter Soul Jah Love, which is expected to be part of his forthcoming album.

“No, I do my album alone. I’ve been doing it alone and that remains the case,” said Macheso.

This means the duet with Jah Love will be released as a single that is if it is still to materialise.

“We have done something yes but as I said that will not be part of my album,” he said.

He said he is open to work with any artiste but on a different set up, and not featuring on his album.

“I am ready and available to work with any artiste and as you know I’ve done a number of collabos but not on my album.

“Mdhara wangu Madzibaba (Nicholas Zakaria) invited me to feature on his album and we did two songs together.

“The other I played bass guitar and did some chewa vocals on the other song and we are now waiting for the album,” said Macheso.

Baba Sharo, as he is fondly known, said he is leaving no stone unturned and his fans should expect a bomb.

“We’re currently in studio, tiri kusecha waya nemazwi acho ka. Haungofumi waburitsa album, my songs are inspired by people’s day to day living. I sing something of human interest, something that stay in people’s mind for long, something that leaves an impression in different societies. That defines me. That defines Alick Macheso.

“And such songs are not difficult to come up with because we ndoraramo yedu iyo,’ he said.

Macheso has failed to meet his several promises on his previous album Tsoka Dzerwendo and on the forthcoming album he said:

“I am targeting end of March, I am confident that I will be holding something in my hand by then.

“Music is my industry and I am busy on that only.”

The musician, who usually goes for more than a year without realising a new album, believes he has more stuff to dish to his fans.

He downplayed claims that he took the decision after his current album Tsoka Dzerwendo failed to make the expected grade.

“There are number things that we consider and I have just decided that I have to release the album each year.

“Those theories are not true, I am happy with the current album and it is doing quite well. This new album is coming because I feel I should do it for my fans.”

Macheso’s confidence has been boosted by the return of lead guitarist Noel Nyazanda, drummer Obert Gomba and chanter Jonas Kasamba.

“The year has started on high note; we have to thank God for everything. The year is bright for us,” said Macheso.

Macheso featured on new kid Baba Harare and said the decision is just meant to encourage unity among musicians.

“As artists we need to help each other, vebhora vanobatsirana, vanogadzira maroads vanobatsira, vatapi venhau munobatsirana.

“When baba Harare came, I first asked about his relationship with his former boss. I don’t I want to appear as if I am working to destroy the other artiste, no no I don’t like that,” he said.