Teenager seeks protection

3 February 2017

A 19-year-old Waterfalls woman has accused her neighbour of threatening to poison her family following a misunderstanding.

Susan Shamhuku told Harare civil court magistrate Yeukai Dzuda that her life was in danger because of Grace Nyakusanwa.

She revealed this when she made an application for a peace order against Nyakusanwa.

She alleged that Nyakusanwa came to her house and sprinkled a mysterious concoction around her yard uttering strange words.

“This woman is my neighbour. She came to my house and started sprinkling a concoction around the yard. She insulted me telling me that things will not work out for me.

“She also threatened to poison our water well and this scared me. She is always insulting me but I do not know the reason behind the insults.

“I want the courts to protect me because I am afraid that anything can happen to me,” said Shamhuku.

In response Nyakusanwa denied the allegation levelled against her.

“I do not know anything she is talking about. I only went to her house when I was helping their tenant to move property. I am surprised by her allegations because we relate well.
“I am not opposed to her application and there is no0 problem if an order I granted,” replied Nyakusanwa.
Magistrate Dzuda ordered Nyakusanwa to observe peace towards Shamhuku all times.