Workmates at loggerheads

3 February 2017

Two workmates’ longtime rivalry has spilled into court.

Raphael Machinjiri this week sought for protection against Ellard Albert.

Machinjiri accused Albert of mocking him for his inability to sire children.

He told magistrate Yeukai Dzuda that Albert was making him the laughing stock at their workplace by constantly insulting him for his weakness.

“We grew up in the same neighborhood and we work together. We are both sculptors but he hates my work.

“He also just has a hatred towards me that I do not understand. He told my stepson that I am not his biological father.

“Every day he makes it a point that he reminds me of my situation. He keeps telling me that I have failed to sire children,” Machinjiri complained.

Albert denied Machinjiri’s claims saying it was the latter who felt offended by his honest and sincere actions.

“I do not mock him because he does not have children of his own but maybe he feels offended when I greet others by the names of their children.

“He just thinks that I am provoking him yet that is not the case. I have never done anything intentionally to make him mad,” Albert argued.

Magistrate Dzuda granted the peace order in Machinjiri’s favour.