Gonyeti revels in Nama nomination

Gonyeti (2)

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
SINCE the inception of the outstanding stand up comedian category four years ago at the National Arts Merit Awards (Nama), it has been an all-male affair, but not this year.

Gonyeti, real name Samantha Kureya, this year became the first female to be nominated at the awards, a move that can be seen as paving the way for other female comedians around the country.

Come February 18, the day of the awards ceremony, Gonyeti could make history by winning the award, a first for a woman under the category.

But before she does that she has to shrug off competition from seasoned male comedians such as Ntando Van Moyo and Q Dube.

Gonyeti said the nomination meant a lot for women in comedy in the country as they are breaking into the male-dominated field.

“Win or no win this shows that we as women are being recognised by the powers-that-be that we’re doing something good. It shows that with hard work and dedication people will see the effort and applaud you,” said Gonyeti.

She said this was the second time she had submitted her work for consideration.

“The first time I submitted my works there was no response, but that didn’t discourage me. When I submitted last year and I saw my name as a nominee alongside Ntando and Q Dube’s I was ecstatic and overwhelmed, as that is an achievement on its own,” said Gonyeti.

Breaking onto the scene in 2015 under Bustop Tv, Gonyeti joined the likes of Prosper the Comic Pastor and Maggie and the trio released hilarious videos.

Her stage name is slang for a haulage truck because of her large and curvaceous built.

Article Source: The Chronicle