Man kills sex worker over US$10

7 February 2017

Stuart Dickson Tembo
Stuart Dickson Tembo

A 32-YEAR-OLD man has appeared in court after he allegedly murdered a sex worker who he had agreed to spend some time with him for a fee of $10.

The State was opposed to bail and advised him to approach the High Court for its application.

Stuart Dickson Tembo is expected back in court on February 20 on routine remand.

Allegations are that on February 2 at around 10pm, Tembo went to Mverechena Shopping Centre in Domboshava and entered V.M Night Club and hired a sex worker Juliet Kadungure who is now deceased.

She is reported to have charged him $10 for a night at his place of residence and he agreed to the fee.

The two are further reported to have hired a taxi from Domboshava to Borrowdale and disembarked at Helensvale Shopping centre.

Tembo is alleged to have led Kadungure to a bushy area near Helevtia new stands in Borrowdale and the two engaged in sexual activities.

After the act, an argument is reported to have arisen between the two over payment for the service which had just been rendered.

Tembo informed the court that he told Kadungure after the act that the fee they had previously agreed on was too much for him so they started arguing.

He also told the court that he got upset and used an empty beer bottle to hit her on the forehead.

It is the State’s case that after hitting her with the empty bottle he proceeded to use a piece that had broken off the bottle to cut her neck resulting in her dying on the spot.

When he finished cutting her, he is further alleged to have taken Kadungure’s cellphone which had a Telecel line and disappeared into the darkness.

He, however, told the court that when he hit her with the empty bottle a piece broke off and accidentally cut her on her neck causing her to die immediately.

However it is the State’s case that upon his arrest he voluntarily demonstrated and explained to the police how he had committed the offence.

Also the bloodstained clothes that he was wearing when he allegedly committed the offence were found in his possession.

The murder weapon which is a broken black label bottle was also recovered at the scene of the crime.

There are also eye witnesses who saw him in the company of the deceased before the horrendous incident took place.

Harare magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa presided over the matter whilst Audrey Chogumaira represented the State.