Man uses crowbar to kill mum. . . Aunt finds blood on the wall at grisly crime scene

Mourners at the Emganwini suburb house

Mourners at the Emganwini suburb house

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
A MAN from Emganwini suburb in Bulawayo allegedly bludgeoned his mother to death with a crowbar and stashed her body under a bed.

Nelson Mwandisangudza (24), who is on the run, is suspected to have killed his mother, Siphiwe Mwandisangudza (54), on Tuesday morning.

A relative discovered the body after midday.

The family yesterday said it was still in the dark on the motive for the brutal killing.

Nelson’s aunt Mrs Rudo Gwenzi said Siphiwe phoned her at around 6:30AM on Tuesday asking her to come over as she wanted to discuss something urgent with her.

Mrs Gwenzi said they never got to talk about what was bothering Siphiwe as she found her dead at about 12PM.

She said she suspected something wrong had happened when she got to the house and saw blood stains splattered all over a wall.

“I called out her name as I knocked at the door but I didn’t get a response. The door wasn’t locked so I opened the door and peeped inside. I immediately saw blood that looked like it had been sprayed on a wall,” said Mrs Gwenzi.

“I became scared and couldn’t proceed into the house. In a daze, I found my way to my daughter-in-law’s house nearby. We returned together but we were too scared to go into the house alone”.

Mrs Gwenzi said they looked for two male neighbours who accompanied them to the house but they also recoiled at the door when they saw the blood.

She said the four of them drove to a police station and reported the matter.

“At around 2PM we came back to the house with the police. The officers inspected the house. There was a pool of blood in the room and her body was hidden under the bed,” Mrs Gwenzi said.

“A crowd had gathered outside the house. Police ordered those of a nervous disposition to leave as they put the body in a metal coffin and took it to UBH (United Bulawayo Hospitals).”

Mrs Gwenzi said on Sunday while his mother was away in Beitbridge, neighbours saw Nelson dumping her clothes in a nearby bush.

She said she suspects an altercation could have ensued when she returned.

“His mother had gone to Beitbridge so when she came back on Monday she was told that Nelson was seen loading her clothes and dumping them in a nearby bush. This makes me suspect that she might have confronted him over it. I don’t know what really transpired, but that is what I’m assuming,” Mrs Gwenzi said.

She said Nelson had not been seen since he allegedly committed the crime.

Bulawayo has recorded a series of violent crimes with the most recent being the shooting of man from Queens Park Suburb by his friend who buried him in a shallow grave.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango could not be immediately reached for comment on the matter.


Article Source: The Chronicle