“He pretends to be airtime vendor”

21 March 2017

A Harare woman has revealed that her ex-husband, who was offering US$15 for maintenance, was pretending to be an airtime vendor in efforts to evade paying child support for the two children they sired together.

Nyarai Chiwashira, who was demanding US$300 for the two children she had with her ex-husband Munyaradzi Chipfakatya, told the court that he had different businesses.

“He has many businesses. He owns a shop in Dzivaresekwa, he has another shop along Cameron Street and he buys and sells cars and at times goes to Tanzania and South Africa to collect them.

“He is also in the business of buying cattle and reselling them as processed meat to butcheries,” she said.

She added:

“He even has vending stalls in Mbare.

“He is trying to mislead the court by claiming that he is a vendor and told me that he was going to ‘fix’ me.”

In response, Munyaradzi insisted that he was an airtime vendor.

“I am not formally employed and I survive on vending that is why I am offering US$15 for each child.

“I have four other children that depend on the US$60 I get from vending,” he said.

He continued:

“I do not own any car nor do I have any businesses. I am no longer engaged in the buying and selling cattle because the person who used to hire me to assist him went bankrupt.”

Munyaradzi who produced a passport that was last stamped in 2010 told the court that he was now doing menial jobs to be able to acquire money for his children school fees.

“I am failing to pay for my children’s school fees and have since resorted to doing piece jobs for the schools they are enrolled as part of payment.”

Munyaradza was ordered to pay US$100 for the two children by magistrate Manassa Masiiwa who presided over the matter.