Radio presenter raises Plumtree flag high

Nathaniel Ncube

Nathaniel Ncube

Joel Tsvakwi, Showbiz correspondent
AS a producer/presenter Nathaniel Ncube is used to getting up and down faders on the broadcasting desk, but just occasionally he prefers to swap his 15-year broadcasting career with gospel music.

The ZBC National FM current affairs producer/presenter is on the rooftop following the success of his fourth album, Ngena kimi Jesu, which he said is adding on the catalogue of compilations from the perceived quiet border town of Plumtree where he was born and bred.

Plumtree boasts of churning out some of the country’s spectacular artists and renowned music promoters.

The late liberation fighter Solomon Skuza who is on record to have used his voice box to motivate the second Chimurenga spirit, Ndolwane Sounds, Mokis Connection, Madalaboy, Phakama Mbaya and Owen Ndlovu who released his popular Kubukalanga in the 1980s are all from Plumtree.

Lately music promoter, Polite Nkomo of PKY July promotions, who is now established as a professional music promoter not only to the confines of his home area, but raising the country’s flag high musically in South Africa is again from the border town.

Describing his love for gospel music as not only business but a life style, Ncube has followed footsteps of some of the country’s journalists who have joined the music industry.

Andrew Mupembe a Sungura artist singing in Hwesa and Shona, Dingumuzi Phuti with two albums singing in Kalanga as DJ Phutty, Thabiso Muswede former National FM presenter and Timothy Ngwenya now based in the UK and many others have contributed immensely to the growth of the music industry.

In interview from his base in the capital recently, Ncube said he started singing while at high school.

“I started singing at Thekwane High School and then I was singing acapella or imbube isichathamiya which is a common genre of music in my home area.

In 1997 I joined Glad Tidings Fellowship Nkulumane praise and worship and 2001 I moved to Harare to pursue a career in journalism,” said Ncube.

He said when he is happy he composes a song of joy, thanking God for the gift of life and when he is sad he composes a song which soothes him.

“My music appeals to different circumstances, joy, sorrow, hope, victory and every piece has a meaning and my music invokes spiritual emotions,” said Ncube.

He said having been in the media for over a decade contributed to his growth as a gospel singer.

“My journalism career gives me an identity but my music career appeals to spiritual aspect of my life. Music like journalism is artistic so the two careers complement each other,” he added.

The eight track album which he described as a master piece was produced and mastered by Gibson Makumbe at Divine Records and the songs  include Ngizombonga njalo, Yehlamoya, Usinqobele uJesu, Dihwa, Ukholo, Kuyobamnandi and Woza kuJesu.

The soft spoken, Fountain of life, leader, lead vocalist and composer has in his music cabinet the albums, Usingobele (2003) first album, Our Destiny (2010) and Redeemed/Ngikhiluliwe (2012).

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Article Source: The Chronicle